Rakuten Affiliate Network Tools

  • Automate – automated affiliate link generating tool
  • Curate – a product showcase widget tool
  • Link Generator Bookmarklet – enables you to create links to pages on an advertiser’s site without logging into the publisher dashboard
  • Product LinkFinder – an interface tool for finding product links from your advertiser partners
  • BentoBox – is where you can find features and applications designed to help you increase productivity while providing your audience with a more targeted, engaging shopping experience
  • Merchandiser Product Data Feed – designed for publishers who can support and manipulate a large database of product links that are updated on a daily basis (shopping comparison sites, price comparison sites; product search engines)
  • APIs and Web Services – learn how to access these advanced tools in the Developer Center
  • Reporting Tools – for managing and optimizing your affiliate program
  • and MANY more